Character Information
Name: Cindy
Gender: Female
Age: 30-40
Alignment: Good
Relationship Information
Family: Mike (husband)
Kinsey (daughter)
Luke (son)
Relationships: Mike (husband)
Enemies: The Strangers
Other Information
Status: Deceased
Series Information
First Appearance: The Strangers: Prey at Night
Last Appearance: The Strangers: Prey at Night
Portrayed by: Christina Hendricks

Cindy is a primary protagonist in The Strangers: Prey at Night. She is portrayed by Christina Hendricks


The Strangers: Prey at Night

Cindy and Mike, their son Luke, and their rebellious daughter, Kinsey, take a family trip to their aunt and uncle's trailer park to spend time together as a family before Kinsey leaves for boarding school. Cindy calls ahead and leaves a voicemail, informing Uncle Marvin that they were running late. As they arrive at the grounds and collect the keys to their trailer, they settle in and hear a knock at the door. Cindy answers the door to find Dollface—unmasked, but hiding in the shadows. She asks if Tamara is home. Cindy informs her she is at the wrong trailer, and Dollface leaves. As the family sits down to play cards and implores Kinsey to join, Kinsey storms out and Cindy sends Luke after her to try and reach out. 


Later, Dollface arrives again to inquire about Tamara and after turning her away, Mike watches as she disappears into the woods. Mike and Cindy decide to go find the kids, whom they find in hysterics. Mike sends Cindy and Kinsey back to the trailer and follows Luke to find the bodies. Cindy and Kinsey return to the trailer and find their cell phones destroyed, and Dollface waiting for them inside. Dollface threatens them with a kitchen knife and the two retreat to the bathroom. As Cindy helps Kinsey climb through the skylight, Dollface breaks into the bathroom and stabs Cindy to death.

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