Pin-Up Girl
Character Information
Name: Pin-Up Girl
Gender: Female
Age: 20-30
Occupation(s): Killer
Affiliations: Man in the Mask
Alignment: Evil
Relationship Information
Friends: Dollface
Man in the Mask
Enemies: Kristen McKay
James Hoyt
Employer: Man in the Mask
Other Information
Status: Deceased
Series Information
First Appearance: The Strangers
Last Appearance: The Strangers: Prey at Night
Portrayed by: Laura Margolis (The Strangers)
Lea Enslin (Prey at Night)

Pin-Up Girl is one of the primary antagonists in The Strangers and The Strangers: Prey at Night . She is portrayed by Laura Margolis and Lea Enslin.


The Strangers

Halfway through the film, Kristen and James attempt to leave in James' car but a third masked stranger in a pin-up girl mask rear-ends them with a pickup truck, forcing them to flee.

James remembers an old radio transmitter in the backyard shed. He leaves and encounters the Pin-Up Girl. When James tries to shoot her, the masked man knocks him unconscious. Kristen hears the shot and runs to the shed. She finds the radio, but the pin-up girl smashes it.

Kristen is then knocked out later and when they awake The Strangers stand above them, and claim that they did it "because you were home". The Strangers unmask themselves off-screen and stab Kristen and James to death, before fleeing, but not before collecting a pamphlet on Christian Living.

The Strangers: Prey at Night

In a secluded trailer park, the three masked killers—Dollface, Pin Up Girl, and the Man in the Mask—arrive and park their truck in front of a random trailer, before killing the occupants.


Kinsey is later attacked by Pin-Up Girl and Man in the Mask but evades them. Luke later encoutners Pin-Up Girl at the pool but he overpowers her and stabs her to death.


Pin-Up Girl wears an Orange Cardigan with a Long Sleeved Shirt underneath. Her face is concealed with a Pin-Up Girl Mask (referred to in stores as Emo Girl).


Pin-Up Girl

Pin-Up Girl

Teaser for Pin-Up Girl

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